Dice strategy

Some common strategies for craps


Wait until the dice shooter has made his point before placing bets. Once the Point is made, you will place two units or $ 12.00 on both the 6 and the 8. After a hit, you will ask the Craps Dealer to lower one unit on both the 6 and 8. You now have a profit of $ 2.00 and can no longer be hurt by the Seven. Plus, you now have $ 12.00 working for you. After another hit, lower all stakes and wait for the dice shooter to make his point or 7, and then restart the process. Remember, there are ten combined ways to do a 6 and 8 and six combined ways for a seven.

3 Molly points

This time, she will make one Pass Line bet and two Come bets. Make a pass line bet. Back up your bet on the Pass Line with single or double odds. Place a Come Line bet. Back up every Come Come with single or double odds (two Max Come bets). When one of your Come Bets wins, place another Come Bets. Continue this process until the dice shooter makes his Lead Point or Seven. Every time you make a Come bet, you are protecting your Pass Line bets and taking advantage of a heat roller.

All but seven

Don’t place any bets on the Don’t check or check line, but wait until a point has been established. Place two units on 5, 6, and 8. Place one unit on the field. This method is slightly riskier than previous dice strategies, as your total currency risk is: $ 39.00. Therefore, it is suggested to remove all bets from the craps table after three rolls.

If the dice shooter keeps the dice for at least three rolls, he can win between $ 15.00 and $ 27.00 (more if numbers 2 or 12 are rolled). The average roller rolls the dice 5 times before rolling a 7.

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